Andy Monk

Andy Monk

Simon Cowell Look a like

The Official Simon Cowell Look-a-like

UK TV Appearances

Andy is both well recognised and utilised in the TV industry; having appeared on all the primary UK TV stations. He is frequently invited to appear as Simon’s double in productions and photo shoots.


In 2010 an act presented itself on Britain’s got talent before a panel of judges including the real Simon Cowell. The performance and the reveal of each character culminating in the appearance of Andy had the crowd standing from their seats with Simon beaming and gesticulating in discernible amusement

Notable Appearances
  • The Rob Brydon Show
  • Strictly Come Dancing Finals
  • The One Show
  • CBBC (BBC)
  • Louis Spence World of Showbiz
DJ & Entertainer

Andy has over 30 years experience as a DJ and entertainer, running his own company ‘Nightair Discos’.

The company supplies DJs, sound, lighting, audio visual and entertainment services throughout the UK.

Simon in the mix

Andy is frequently asked to host an evening and mingle with guests; appearing on a judging panel to rate karaoke contestants and dance off performances, with all the sound, lighting and microphones provided as a complete package along with his compere services.

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